GPC is built to provide our clients with a turn-key solution, ensuring no corner is left untouched and communication between client and operator is made simple. As part of the industry’s leaders, flexibility and economic awareness is something that we pride our-selves in, that’s why we have the pleasure to present to you our three packages which provide three levels of service.

From a projects basic ABC’s to a full-service design and more!

Package 1:


Package 2:


Package 3:


An emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of the project, to ensure that all is in line with the operator’s standards, guidelines, blueprints and local codes and regulations of the geographical location.

The package is based on conceptual design deliverables for the following disciplines: project management, architecture, mechanical,  electrical, plumbing, costing, sustainability, back of house including kitchen and laundry alongside interior design.

The package is taking a deeper glance into the project moving away from the basics and providing a more detailed approach in addition to adding more disciplines. In specific, the project deliverables shall be placed on a scheme design level allowing for detailed drawings including elevations, sections, MEP specifics, accuracy in costing etc.

This package shall include deliverables from the Basic´s Package above in addition to the conceptual design for the newly added disciplines as well as developing them further to scheme design. In summary, this package will allow for local consultants to have the basic needs to complete the other design stages, all the way through to the construction phase.

With a 360-degree approach, this package will touch every discipline required from start till the moment the property welcomes its guests.




//   Project Management from Conceptual
     Review, agreements and administrative
//   Architectural Review in accordance with
     operators’ standards, guidelines, blueprints
     and local code and regulations. Including  
     mark-ups and sketches.
//   Structural Engineering in accordance with
     local codes and regulations. Including
     mark-ups and sketches.
//   Concept Review on Room Mix (as per the 
     operator’s brand).
//   Architectural Conceptual Data and relevant
//   MEP Basic Concept Review in accordance
     with operators’ standards, guidelines,
     blueprints and local codes and regulations. 
     Including mark-ups and sketches.
//   MEP Conceptual Data and relevant
//   ID Concept Review for FOH – Public Areas
     and F&B Outlets in compliance with
     operators’ standards, guidelines and
//   Interior Design to prepare mood boards for
     entire hotel property (F&B, BOH, Lobby,
     Public Spaces etc) in the form of 
     Conceptual Design.
//   F&B Concept Review in compliance with
     F&B Concepts of the operator as well as
     operational efficiency. Including mark-up
     and sketches.
//   BOH – Kitchen, Laundry, Housekeeping,
     store space planning according to
     operators’ standards, guidelines and
     blueprints. Including mark-ups and
//   List of preferred consultants and vendors.
//   Consultant Selection and Support for
     Design Stages.
//   Preliminary Cost Consultancy.
//   Basic Waste Management Concept in
     compliance with local codes and
     regulations as well as the Corporate Social
     Responsibility Strategy of the Operator.
//   Online coordination workshops.

Please note that all packages can be customized to meet the needs of the project.

//   When adding the Basic Package together
     with the newly added disciplines, the
     project team shall receive the below 
     disciplines in both Concept and Scheme

     · Project Management
     · Cost Consultancy
     · Structural Engineering
     · Fire Life and Safety
     · Acoustics
     · Vertical Transportation
     · Sustainability
     · Façade and BMU Compliance
     · Security
     · HVAC Design
     · MEP Engineering
     · AV/ICT Engineering

     · Landscaping, swimming pools and
       water features
     · Traffic Engineering
     · Spa Enabling Consultant
     · Spa, Pools and thermal engineering
     · Waste Management & Servicing
     · Kitchen, Laundry and BOH
     · Signage and wayfinding
     · Leasing Outline Drawings for Office and
       retail Spaces (coordinated including
       utility provisions)

//   Two Energy Saving and Waste Manage-
     ment Strategy options.
//   Aeronautical Survey and warning light
//   Interior Design each area of the property
     will have two options to select one design
     direction which shall then be taken further
     into the level of detail of scheme design.
//   Furniture Layouts with sections and
     elevations for all applicable disciplines.
//   Equipment Schedules for all applicable
//   MEP Load Calculations all applicable
//   Short Tender (BOQ) per discipline.
//   Assistance with pre-approvals with local
//   List of preferred suppliers and vendors.
//   Online coordination workshops.
//   Inclusive of two site visits per discipline if
     required and can be agreed upon prior.

Please note that all packages can be customized to meet the needs of the project.

//   The package shall take on all disciplines
     through the below design stages in
     addition to site support.
     1. Concept Design
     2. Scheme Design
     3. Detailed Design
     4. Tender Package

     5. Tender Analysis & Review
     6. Construction & Site Supervision
     7. Defects Liability Period

//   Monitor the status of the sign off of all the
     Nominations, sub-contractors/suppliers.
//   Time control for: design program,
     contractor works, coordination meetings,
     submissions, shop drawings, mock-up 
     rooms, samples for review etc.
//   Quality site supervision per discipline

     whereby consultants (engineers) shall be
     on site to supervise the works and provide
     technical advice where necessary.
//  Assist in the control of agreed variations to
     keep them to a minimum.
//   Liaise with local authorities or other
     controlling bodies for the development of
     the project and keeping client informed of
     any issues regarding matters arising in a
     timely manner and supply of necessary
//   Review the Contractor’s Quality Assurance /
     Quality Control (QA/QC) Plan for compli-
     ance with the requirements of the
     Construction Contract.
//   Work with the operator’s commissioning
     team and the Pre-opening Team
//   Assist in the issuing of the Taking Over
     Certificate after acceptance of the
     Contractor’s application and agreement
     with the Client.
//   Review the Operations and Maintenance
     Manuals prepared by the Contractor, in
     coordination with the Client and submit to
     the Client upon finalization, the final set
     with a complete set of guarantees,
     warranties and the like as may be required
     by the Construction Contract.
//   Assure the matching of the As-Built
     drawings, Site Construction and the Project
     Information Model (PIM).
//   Review the Asset Information Model (AIM)
     delivered by the contractor.

Please note that all packages can be customized to meet the needs of the project.